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About Dulcimers

An historic instrument in the United States, especially in southern states, the dulcimer is a vital part of traditional American folk music. You can pick out your own on eBay. All variations of the instrument are available, which means you can find one that suits the type of playing you enjoy. For example, pick out an Appalachian dulcimer to play on your lap using your hands. Or, opt for a bowed dulcimer if you want to play the instrument with a bow like you would a violin. You can also choose a hammered dulcimer, which requires you to strike the strings using small mallets. Reliable sellers on eBay offer these instruments in new and used condition, allowing you to begin playing on a budget. Many pre-owned items on the site are in excellent condition, as well. Maybe you are looking to pick up a stringed instrument for the first time, or maybe you are looking to upgrade from one you have had for years. Either way, the high number of dulcimers on the market can help you play your best.