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About Duct Tapes

Originally, duct tape was a strong adhesive painted on the back of long strips of duck cloth. This type of fabric is extremely strong and resists tearing. With the adhesive, the duck cloth resisted water and provided a solid seal on pretty much anything to which it was applied. In World War II, it was used to seal ammunition cases and keep the rounds dry. Today, colored duct tape is a staple in craft rooms, garages, and junk drawers everywhere. The tape is strong, and it comes in a variety of colors and decorative patterns. Kids enjoy making crafts, such as wallets or purses from the stuff. If you are starting up your own crafting cabinet, you might want to consider purchasing a duct tape lot, which offers a range of tape rolls in different colors, textures, and patterns in one purchase. Kids love to get creative with duct tape, and it might even come in handy for household repairs too. The reliable sellers on eBay likely have just the tape for you, regardless of what your crafting or repair needs may be.