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About Ducati 848

The rolling hills of Italy are home to three things: world-famous vineyards, fantastic olive groves, and sports cars. The Ducati 848 is to motorcycles what the Lamborghini is to cars, and as with the other Ducati superbikes, this one stands in a class of its own. Larger than its predecessor, the Ducati 848 motorcycles share the same sculpted frame design of the other Ducati superbikes, precisely engineered to reduce wind resistance. The Ducati 848 uses an 849cc engine that pumps out 115.6 horsepower at 10,000 rpm just to power a bike that only weighs 350 lbs. The end result is a fantastic little racing bike that outperforms the larger 916 and 998 Ducati models, both of which had difficulty reaching and maintaining more than 100 horsepower. If the base model is not impressive enough, it is also possible to find the reworked Ducati 848 EVO on eBay. Almost identical to the original 848, the EVO, which is the evolution of the 848, features a tweaked engine that gets 140 horsepower and pushes the superbike's top speed up to almost 160 mph.

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