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About Ducati 748

Although the Ducati 748 looks almost identical to another model in the Ducati line, the 748 stands out on its own. You may not win any races with this bike, but the smooth ride, incredible stability, and the ultimate feel-good factors make the bike something truly special. The engine on the 748 runs about 103 horsepower and reaches up to 150 miles per hour, which is fast, but isn't the fastest ride out there. However, as you round corners, you'll find the chassis is tight and the handling is on point. Not only will you enjoy riding the Ducati 748 around town or racing, you’ll get 150 miles out of a full tank of gas, which holds about 17 liters of fuel. Although the 748 isn’t being produced anymore, if you need replacement parts you can find them on eBay from reputable merchants. Although, with a motorcycle as gorgeous as this, you’ll be sure to take good care of it. It’ll almost feel like it is your child.

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