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About Ducati

After a decade of dashing down tracks on your sport bike, you finally decided to try supermoto racing. Ducati produces a number of superb bikes that make this form of hybrid racing a thrill. When you are alternating between flat tracks, road tracks, and off-road motocross trails, you need a nifty and powerful bike, like the Ducati Hypermotard. Unlike sport bikes, the Hypermotard lacks fairings and requires that you ride in an upright position. These make the thrust generated by its 1078 cc, air-cooled, L-twin engine both fearful and thrilling. But you have a six-speed transmission, dry hydraulic clutch, and pair of Brembo brakes to help master the charging beast at the heart of the vehicle. When you are done racing but still crave the allure of the motorcycle, you need a Ducati Monster to cruise around; consider the Monster a street-legal sibling of the Hypermotard. You can find these and more Ducati bikes among the wide selection of motorcycles offered by reliable sellers on eBay.