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About Dually Wheels

As you are inspecting the machine that works all day for you, you notice it has started to look tired and needs a nice set of dually wheels. A dually truck is designed to be a used in heavy duty situations. The Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) determines how much weight a truck can tow. On dually trucks this weight varies, sometimes exceeding 30,000 lbs. Dodge dually wheels are important in handling the GAWR capacity. A large inventory of Dodge dually wheels are available on eBay. Aftermarket wheels are also available, and offer lighter yet stronger alloys made of forged aluminum. Lighter dually wheels offer better gas mileage for the truck itself, as less power is required to rotate them. If you are looking for a budget friendly option or you are a collector of older trucks, used dually wheels are also available. Update your truck with proper dually wheels to ensure you have safe venture to and from work.