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About Dual Sim Adapter

Carrying both your personal and work phones everywhere quickly becomes tiresome. End the juggling with a dual SIM adapter — you can easily switch between two different SIM cards using only one device, effectively combining two phones into one and keeping both numbers. Dual SIM card adapters are available for most types of smartphones, with options including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung adapters. The adapters are easy to use — simply plug your second SIM into the adapter, plug the adapter into your phone, and install your particular adapter's app software that allows you to toggle between the cards on your touchscreen. You can opt for a dual SIM adapter that works with SIM cards of the same type, or pick one that allows you to use a regular SIM with a Micro or Nano SIM. Many adapters come with a case to store your SIM cards safely. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find the model that works with your phone. Make your life easier with a dual SIM adapter and enjoy taking all your calls on one device.