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About DTS

Similar to what TNT means to explosives, DTS has come to define luxurious automotive quality, as this high-end car presents an elegant appearance that borders on royalty. GM creates a sleek, aerodynamic hood design that, when coupled with geometrically appealing bumpers, provides you with one of the most stylish cars on the market. The interior of the Cadillac DTS exudes comfort, with its plush leather seats conforming to different body shapes and sizes. You have enough room to seat five adults comfortably, and each adult has his or her own armrest. Advanced technology includes Bluetooth connectivity and remote-controlled temperature, to go with several top safety features. Additionally, Cadillac's classic powerful engine provides you with enough burst to climb the steepest inclines and to pass lagging motorists on the freeway. The DTS handles smoothly, while protecting you and your family from strong side impacts, as GM installed the company's proprietary safety carriage inside every Cadillac model. Although Cadillac no longer features the DTS in its line of high-performance vehicles, you can conveniently shop for this high-end make online at eBay. Reliable sellers on the site offer models, such as the 2009 Cadillac DTS, that include all of the features that you come to expect in a high-performance vehicle and that allow you to experience the luxury that’s become synonymous with the brand.