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About DRZ 400s

Flying across the dirt field, popping wheelies, and taking the winding paths in front of you with ease, you cannot help but feel a sense of pride — buying the ultra-customizable DR-Z400 was one of the best choices you can remember making. Known colloquially as the Honda Civic of off-road dirt bikes, the Suzuki DR-Z400 offers an enormous range of customization options. Upgrading a dirt bike has never been easier, so pull out the old motor and opt for one of the DR-Z400S upgrades, like a four-stroke engine that has strong torque and faster-than-ever throttle response time. While aftermarket DR-Z400 graphics and stickers may make your bike look cool, it is the engine that really makes this bike nice. This dual-sport bike offers a 24.3 cubic inch engine and 33.4 horsepower capable of reaching top speeds of 94 mph. However you want to customize this bike, you can find both new bikes and parts, like DR-Z400 tires, on eBay amid a vast inventory of dirt bikes and accessories. Buy the bike everyone knows about and start tearing up the ground wherever you wish.