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About DRZ 125

The Suzuki DRZ 125 was a classic, popular dirt bike made by Suzuki from 2003 to 2009. The same motorcycle, essentially, was sold as the Kawasaki KLX-125 up until 2006, and the parts are interchangeable between the two. The dirt bike itself is no longer in production, but it remains popular and so replacement parts and accessories are much in demand, especially since the bike is built to be easy to work on for do it yourselfers. Luckily, such parts and accessories are readily available on eBay. That includes DRZ 125 wheels, DRZ 125 exhaust systems, and most other parts and accessories such as engines, rims, sprockets, carburetors, handlebar grips, foot pegs, brakes, and brake shoes—you could just about assemble a complete motorcycle from the parts if so inclined. More reasonably, if your DRZ 125 needs a replacement part, or if you want to classy it up with decals and other decorations, finding the appropriate materials is not going to be a challenge.