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About Dry Erase Board

Shop the large inventory of decor items as well as message boards and holders!

Honey, we've run out of milk again! Gritting your teeth, you pull up your hood in defiance of the rain to take the long walk down to the corner store, cursing the fact that you do not have a dry erase board for jotting down reminders. It is a common scene in many homes, particularly for people with large families. You are busy, and if you do not make little notes to remind yourself about chores that need doing, they slip your mind. A large dry erase board placed prominently in your kitchen can be a life-changer. You are running low on milk: Write a note to yourself to get more. Your kids are always raiding the refrigerator: Get them to write things on the board as they use them, so you know that when you go shopping nothing necessary remains left on the shelf. Buy a dry erase cork board from one of the reliable sellers on eBay, and you can even pin money-saving coupons with your list so you do not forget them. A dry erase board helps you stay organized, and anybody with a house full of kids knows how difficult that can be.