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About Druzy

Scientifically speaking, druzy occurs when a blanket of shimmering crystals grow over the surface of rocks, minerals, and gemstones. Fashionably speaking, druzy occurs when you find it on a piece of dazzlingly vibrant jewelry that virtually illuminates your countenance and ensemble. Visually speaking, druzy looks like brightly colored rock candy that you cannot eat, but it sure does make you look sweet. All eyes turn when you enter the room wearing an exquisite druzy necklace. Add vivid pop to your neckline when you adorn it with a silver statement necklace inlaid with opalescent blue druzy and solar quartz; a purple quartz druzy and amethyst pendant set in .925 sterling silver; or a chunky titanium green druzy necklace with matching earrings. Sometimes all your wardrobe needs is a little sparkle. Add just the right touch with a glistening druzy ring. Select a .925 sterling silver cocktail ring set with hot pink quartz druzy, or a gold plated ring set with bright blue druzy agate. For druzy bracelets, earrings, and more, explore the large selection offered by reliable vendors on eBay.