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About Dropper Bottle

If you enjoy making your own home remedies, then you are probably an avid collector of apothecary style containers. An essential item in your collection would be the ever-versatile dropper bottle that comes in clear or amber. This cute little invention can be used to hold and apply essential oils as well as in the use of making homemade beauty products such as lip balm. With little ones around the house or a new animal addition to the family, a 4 oz. dropper bottle would aid in the feeding of both small animals and fussy or ill children. If you have your own solution to dry, itchy eyes; store your liquids in a plastic dropper bottle for easy application and buy them in bulk if you plan to sell your creations. Luckily, the sellers on eBay offer a huge selection of dropper bottles to fit your needs without the hassle of hunting them down in a store.