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About Drone

Flying in formation on a bright Saturday afternoon, you revel in the swift pickup and sharp turns of your favorite drone. For the aviation enthusiast in you, it is an example of cutting-edge technology, while the child in you considers it exceedingly cool. This afternoon's flight is a demonstration of maneuverability by your new Parrot AR drone, a quad copter with four rotors and its own HD camera, compatible with your iPhone. The Parrot AR allows you to record the amazed crowd below as you and three friends work on your formation skills. It is one of your most recent purchases through eBay, and one that you had been considering for a couple of years. This mini drone really takes hobby aviation in a new direction. Every drone model is a little bit different, but the Parrot AR is one of the most straightforward to put together. It came mostly pre-assembled, and took only a couple of hours to master the controls. Formation practice was fun, but now it's time to try some flips.

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