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About Driver Shafts

Every golfer knows that drives are for show and puts are for dough. Don't let your driver shaft keep you from putting on a show. Golfers always want to hit their drives long and straight, but the wrong shaft can put you in a sandtrap faster than you can say "par." The shaft provides added stability, or flexibility, to the club head. Combine this with the force of the golfer's swing, and a hard-hitting drive can end up in the trees. Shafts are versatile and available to match your current clubs. For example, a new Ping driver shaft may work best with your Ping driver while a Callaway driver shaft will work best with a Callaway driver. Purchasing a new shaft is a great way to improve your game without investing thousands of dollars into new clubs. After consulting with a golf professional to determine which type of shaft works best with your swing, head to eBay to find the perfect new or used equipment. Show off at next week's scramble with an entirely new show thanks to your new driver shaft.