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About Drive Jackets

Drive jackets may not turn you into a great racer, but they give you some of the boyish charm of their original wearer, Ryan Gosling. The jacket first appeared in the movie "Drive," where Gosling played a nameless Hollywood stuntman moonlighting as a getaway driver. If you think that a fancy costume designer came up with this outfit, then you would be wrong. Gosling looked to Korean souvenir jackets from the 1950s as his inspiration and the design took shape, with 10 styles tested until the best fitting design made it into the movie. The quilted varsity-style jacket comes in creamy off-white with a silvery finish and carries a giant gold scorpion motif embroidered on the back. The Gosling Drive jacket is a must-have for your closet if you loved the film, even more so if you love the actor. There are several replicas of Drive jackets available, so look for one that stays true to the original in terms of its design and colors. The Drive scorpion jacket joins the list of cult attire from the movies, and you can find it on eBay. Shop the large inventory of men's clothing, including men's satin coats and jackets!