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About Drill Bits

As Aretha Franklin wailed in her rhythm and blues anthem, "All I’m asking for is a little bit of respect." Even something as simple as drill bits demands respect. When buying a new drill, it’s tempting to relegate all of your effort and homework to researching the drill itself; but what about the bits? Are you planning to sharpen your own drill bits or have them sharpened? If you decide on a cobalt bit, what grade of cobalt and how much cobalt should it contain? What about the titanium bits? Are they stronger? Weaker? Made for faster rotation? There is a certain amount of respect due each variety for its own virtues. This is why reliable eBay sellers offer a wide selection of new drill bit sets. Cobalt will stand the test of time for sharpening better than a titanium bit, but the titanium is actually harder than the cobalt bit. Both are long lasting, but the temperature—determined by drill pressure and speed—is a critical factor in the life of a titanium bit. Conversely, a cobalt bit may be too brittle to last a long time should its composition of cobalt be too disproportionate to its steel content. Drill bit sets—for a drill press or handheld drill—come in six pieces to 80 pieces or more, and from familiar names like Craftsman and Dewalt. "R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means…" before you go drill bit shopping.

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