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About Driftwood - Decorations

According to Norse mythology, the first humans were made out of driftwood. Whether you feel a connection to these ancient tales or you just love that feeling of being at the beach, driftwood is an excellent material for decoration throughout your home. Use it to bring a little bit of nature into a room, creating a relaxing space and a standout design element that gets your guests talking. Choose from large, pre-designed pieces, such as an entire driftwood table for the living room. For a do-it-yourself project, pick out some small driftwood pieces to create your own art. For variety, set them up in a design and rearrange them as your mood changes. To save time and add a small touch to the room, purchase readymade art using driftwood to hang on a wall. Check out what reputable sellers on eBay have to offer, and be amazed at what can be created from a simple piece of wood that has been tossed aside. Don’t be afraid to tinker around with your new driftwood pieces; you could one day become as well known as artist Deborah Butterfield, who forms horses from driftwood and casts them in bronze. Once you have your driftwood in your home, and find out how something known as debris can inspire the artist in you.

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