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About Dress Jackets

If you watch the show "Mad Men," you are probably familiar with the exquisite dress jacket choices of the male characters, but not so much for the female characters. Well, in the modern era, women can rock a dress jacket just as well as the guys and the sellers on eBay have the widest selection of them around. Purchase from reputable sellers who offer brand new formal dress jackets in pristine condition or vintage jackets that have been refurbished and restored to their former glory. These dress jackets come in light materials, such as cotton, that are perfect to wear on a spring day at work, as well as heavier materials such as wool that give you the warmth you need in the colder months. If you are tired of searching through department store racks for the perfect size, you can even find plus-size jacket dresses that come with a well-fitting jacket as well as a classy dress perfect for the office or other formal event.