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About Dremel Bits

Dremel bits provide a plethora of useful options for craft projects large and small, as well as offering a means to fine-tune special projects around the house, such as smoothing the edges on tiles and handmade trinkets. When working with glass, such as drilling holes through sea glass to make jewelry, Dremel diamond bits are a must, the diamond coating on the bit cuts through glass, since diamonds are far harder than glass. Metal bits alone do not do the trick. If just getting started or planning to use your Dremel tool for many types of projects, a Dremel bit set offers either a grouping of one type of bits or a full assortment to tackle just about anything. These bits, depending on their type, cut wood, metal, or tile. Others bits in the set may be designed for sanding, polishing. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast assortment of Dremel bits sure to suit your specific needs, with plenty extra bits to boot.