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About Dream Catcher

As you lay your head down on the pillow at the end of day, you drift off, content with the belief that despite life's stresses and day-to-day turmoil, only good dreams await you, thanks to the ancient magic of the Native American dream catcher over your bed. Dream catchers are potent symbols not only of native spirituality and superstition, but also of unity between different Native American tribes. Some believe that the webbed centers of a dream catcher catch good dreams and let bad dreams pass through, while others believe it catches the bad dreams and prevents them from affecting the sleeper. Either way, a dream catcher helps a sleeping child or grown-up rest safely and happily. The large inventory on eBay includes dream catchers large and small, simple and ornate. Beyond the traditional bedroom decoration, there are dream catcher pendants and necklaces, made from natural materials and metals, including silver and gold. Beaded designs with dangling feathers fit a vintage bohemian look with matching feather ear rings. Hearts, bells, animals, turquoise stones, and other embellishments express your individual spirit and personality.