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About Drape Cardigans

Practical, fashionable drape cardigans have loose, open fronts that fall elegantly over the body, covering flaws. They look great on any body type, and they can match with anything from a nice dress for the office to a favorite pair of designer jeans. Drape cardigans come in a wide variety of colors like red, beige, blue, and brown. Some are beaded or embroidered. You can wear the cardigan with a belt to give it a more fitted look. Styles made with lighter materials like cotton or polyester also make convenient bathing suit cover ups as well as clothing in warmer weather, while wool or cashmere keeps you warm in winter. Twin sets are cardigans that come with matching shirts for a dressier look. You can also wear the two items of clothing separately. With a huge inventory available on eBay, you can easily find the perfect drape cardigans for your wardrobe to keep you warm in winter, and even in summer when the air conditioning is too cold.