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About Drake Shirt

Handsome with a flair for rap rhythms, Drake also puts his stamp on the fashion world with his wildly popular Drake shirt designs. Drake girls' shirts feature cuts that complement the feminine body and include images like the XO emblem and the gold owl and phrases like "Oh You Fancy Huh" and "Keep Calm and Dance On." The Drake owl shirt, in particular, has created quite a sensation. The owl caricature on the popular T-shirt is a replica of a tattoo he got in 2011. The symbol has created controversy, as it is also the symbol of a supposed secret society called Bohemian Grove. Fortunately, you do not have to unravel the mystery to enjoy wearing the shirt. The most popular owl design includes the symbol in gold on a T-shirt background of various colors. This popular Drake shirt and many other styles are available from the sellers on eBay. If you fall in love with more than one, it is a simple matter to fill your closet with various styles to show your love of Drake and his music.