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About Dragster

Unless you have millions, or know someone who does who doesn't mind sharing, then Formula 1 racing is probably beyond your reach—however, man's obsession with speed has spawned a more attainable form of vehicle racing that satisfies your need for speed: the dragster. Not to be confused with drag races themselves, dragster racing is actually a recognized sport and has legions of fans that can't get enough of achieving ridiculously fast speeds of up to 325 mph. The top fuel dragsters or "diggers" are incredibly quick and are the fastest class of dragster, with acceleration speeds that would make your eyes water. If you're lucky enough to own one, then you can search through eBay's sellers looking for spare components and parts. Jr. dragsters are models made specifically for youngsters and sport more of a chunky feel than their grown-up counterparts, but can still reach speeds of up to 85 mph—so plenty fast enough for you kids!

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