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About Dragonfly

The dragonfly is more than an insect that hangs out by large bodies of water: in several cultures, it represents change and adaptability. Some of this is due to way that dragonflies skirt the surface of water without going under. For some, making the dragonfly part of a distinct look is a statement: I'm changing and going with the flow. For others, the insect is a visually appealing alternative to other "cute" insects, such as butterflies. Dragonfly jewelry sometimes incorporates the thin body of the insect as a structural element, while others connect at a couple of the four wings. Some pieces seek to capture the brilliant colors of the dragonfly, while others take more care in depicting the silhouette. In addition to the standard jewelry fare, dragonfly pins or brooches allow you to add a bit of flair to any outfit. Reliable sellers on eBay offer plenty of dragonfly jewelry to choose from. Choose a piece that speaks to your nature and your taste in fashion.