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About Dragon Sunglasses

As the sunlight bounces off the crisp white snow that lies ahead of you, you slide your new sunglasses over your eyes and start to ski. With Dragon sunglasses, enjoying winter sports in sunny conditions is so much safer. As a brand that designs glasses that diminish the sun's glare, Dragon is a winning choice for skiers and snowboarders alike. Using special coatings, Dragon ensures that snow and particle deflection causes minimal disruption while you ski. Although these glasses are ideal for winter sports, their stylish designs make them a top choice for everyday wear too. Everyday sunglasses from the Dragon range tend to feature polycarbonate coatings, which protect the eyes from UV light no matter what you are doing. Coupled with the stainless steel hinges that make them easy to wear, this makes Dragon's eyewear perfect for a comfortable day in the sun. For all-around eye protection, try Dragon Domo sunglasses. With lenses that extend around the eye, they block the sun from all angles. Alternatively, you can try Dragon Fame sunglasses for a daringly stylish look that comes with 100 percent UV protection. You can shop the vast inventory of Dragon sunglasses on eBay to explore the brand's exciting range. Once yours arrive, just head for the slopes and show off your skills.