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About Dragon Costumes

In Chinese folklore, dragons are serpents that have the capability to bring rain and are very powerful. People also consider them lucky, so dragon costumes are very popular during Chinese New Year parades festivals. The Dragon Dance is supposed to bring luck for the coming year, so Chinese dragon costumes are an important part of the festivities. In Europe, dragons are lizard-like creatures that breathe fire, hoard gold, and capture young maidens. In popular culture, dragons can also be friendly. Puff the Magic Dragon, Pete's dragon, and the character in "How to Train Your Dragon" all become close friends with humans. Whether you want to ring in the Chinese New Year, be a fire-breathing menace, or portray a scaly sidekick, sellers on eBay offer lots of dragon costumes. Choose from a large inventory of "How to Train Your Dragon" costumes, Medieval costumes, and Chinese-style costumes for babies, kids, and adults.