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About Dragon Bracelets

Whether as the fearful, flaming beast of European lore or the lucky, powerful creature in Oriental cultures, dragons capture the imagination. Dragons appear as beautiful, serpentine beasts, which is probably why a dragon bracelet, earrings, and rings are so popular. Those found most often in jewelry are the Oriental version of the whiskered and scaly animal that undulates like a snake and most often lacks wings. Reputable sellers on eBay offer new and previously owned pieces in silver, sterling, gold, leather, and crystal versions. A men's dragon bracelet includes silver and stainless steel versions, including those from Tibet with red jade inlay. The leather versions come with charms and beast-shaped clasps that hold a weaved leather loop closed. A dragon bangle bracelet is mostly a thin cuff design that goes with other wrist apparel. Whether you opt for the simple masculine look of leather or the bling of crystal, a dragon bracelet is eye-catching in any color of metal. With so many styles from which to choose, consider picking up several to match your different moods and outfits.