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About Dragon Ball GT

As the third installment of a popular Japanese series, Dragon Ball GT became one of the first anime and manga to achieve worldwide commercial success for products not directly related to production of the television show. Sales of Dragon Ball GT toys provided the creators of the anime with enough momentum to follow up the initial production year with two more years’ worth of animated content. Noted for its unique graphic design and advanced production, the show remains one of the iconic legends of the industry. Anime conventions throughout the world bring together not only fans of the cartoon series, but also collectors in search of Dragon Ball GT products. In addition to t-shirts, video games, and customized hats, fans can trade cards of their favorite characters. The premise of trading character cards is the same as baseball trading cards. You want to own a Dragon Ball GT Ball card that features a rarely veiled, but wildly popular character produced in limited supply. Luckily for you, there is no need to attend a convention halfway around the world to buy the right merchandise, since eBay and their reliable sellers are here all day, every day.