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About Dragon 1/6

When you were little, you used to love playing with your action figures, recreating epic battles from history on a small scale, or daydreaming about saving the day with your collection of superheroes. Now, as an adult, you are a collector of scale models, and your most prized possessions are your Dragon 1/6 scale military figures. Founded in 1987, Dragon Models Limited is a Hong-Kong-based manufacturer of meticulously detailed plastic model kits and action figures. The company began making the New Generation Life Action Figure series in 1999, and a 1/6 Dragon WW2 figure is a small work of art that any collector would be proud to display. Some of the early models are becoming increasingly difficult to find, but reliable sellers on eBay have an extensive selection from which to choose, including Dragon German figures, Allied troops, modern Special Forces, and even figures from movies and the world of sports. For any collector, the massive inventory of Dragon 1/6 scale figures available on eBay is a dream come true.