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About Dr. Scholl's

You've had your eyes on these shoes all season: the sparkly stilettos you've always wanted but convinced yourself would be miserable to wear out. That fabulous pair of shoes doesn't have to be torture when you add Dr. Scholls inserts. You'll find several inserts specifically for women's shoes, but not every insert works for every wearer. While some target heel pain, others help wearers who need more arch support. Others target specific shoes. For instance, Dr. Scholls insoles for heels work by taking pressure off of the ball of the foot. When choosing an insole, make sure that it fits your shoe size and your foot type. The wrong insole is just as uncomfortable as using no insole at all. For a comfortable shoe without the hassle of insoles at all, consider Dr. Scholls sandals, boots, and dance shoes. These offer the support you want from an insole without the hassle of choosing the right insole. Look for your shoes and insoles from reliable sellers on eBay. With the right insert, you can transform your achy dream shoes into the sort you can wear all night.