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About Dr Hauschka

It's like burying your face in a bouquet of roses in full bloom, each smooth and delicate petal caressing your face. While their beauty eventually fades away, Dr Hauschka captures their essence in their holistic skincare line. Did you know that this brand makes nearly 95 percent of their products from the essence of the Damask rose? Not only is it considered one of the most beautiful roses in the world, it is also one of the most fragrant. You can go for the Rose Day Cream, a daily moisturizer that nurtures dry and sensitive skin and contains 30 rose flowers in every tube. Don't forget your kissers, too. How about keeping them soft and moisturized with a Dr Hauschka Lip Care Stick or Lip Balm? On eBay, reliable sellers offer toners, cleansing milks, deodorants, mascara, and more from this brand. Looking and feeling like the perfect rose is just a few products away with Dr Hauschka. You'll smell so good that even bees will think twice.