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Shop the large inventory of fishing equipment and fishing downrigger and outrigger gear!

About Downriggers

The darkest depths of the ocean are no longer a safe haven for those big fish that you have been seeking, because you have the right downrigger aboard your fishing boat and you are ready to troll those waters. Getting set up for deep ocean fishing is definitely taking the cash right out of your wallet, but the reliable sellers on eBay have you covered when it comes to saving a little money. Browse their huge selection of electric downrigger setups that are designed to make setting your depth perfectly simple and catching those tuna (or Mahi or sailfish) a breeze. Choose from a wide variety of downrigger brand names such as Penn and Big John. Pick up the Cannon downrigger that suits your fishing style, and find adjustable releases and mounts that are simple to use at prices you can afford. Convenient shipping options even get those trolling rigs home without the hassle of heading to one of those giant sports supply places that charge a fortune for everything you need.