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About Downdraft Cooktops

With a few days remaining until you open the doors of your new restaurant to the neighborhood, you consider any last-minute enhancements or additions that can really make your business stand out. Seeking a solution to the overpowering scents that often linger in an improperly vented kitchen, you start to research downdraft cooktops. Most of these cooktops conveniently pull smoke from the surface during cooking, helping to clear the air without a hood. A sleek, modern design lets the unit blend in quite well to its surroundings. For example, you might come across a Euro-style stainless steel cooktop offering clean lines and minimalist styling. Features may include precise temperature control and a cool-touch surface, despite heat transfers directly to the cookware, turning it into a heat source. The vast inventory on eBay means many possibilities, including gas cooktop downdrafts offering multiple sealed burners, heavy-duty cast iron grates, and front center knob controls for added convenience. Find the right match for your kitchen with sizes such as 36-inch cooktop downdrafts. Some gas cooktop downdrafts even capture spills on the surface, containing them on top for quick and easy cleaning.

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