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About Dough Bowls

Your pantry is full of flour, yeast, and dried fruits, and your recipe books are so plentiful that you had to buy a new bookshelf for your kitchen just to hold them; you love to bake, and you especially love the warm aroma of fresh, homemade bread wafting through the house. You love that nostalgic feeling, and you love the idea of a using a nostalgic old dough bowl to prepare your goods. Whether you actually plan to use it to make bread, or whether you have awesome home decor ideas in mind, you can easily find the ideal vintage dough bowl among the expansive offerings of reliable vendors on eBay. Choose a heavy, handmade trencher dough bowl to knead your dough, or maybe fill it with pinecones and greenery at Christmastime and set it on the hearth. Or how about a primitive, hand carved wooden dough bowl dating back to the late 19th century? Use painted dough bowls to hold fresh fruit, potpourri, or as a unique place to store kitchen implements. Set an antique, robin's egg blue dough bowl on your kitchen table and fill it with fresh apples and peaches, or pick up a genuine Robinhood Ware wooden bowl sitting atop three round pedestals, decorated with painted blooms and fruit. However you choose to use your dough bowl, it will surely send nostalgia wafting through your home.