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About Double Neck Guitar

When Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame played "Stairway to Heaven" live, he often relied on a double neck guitar to create lusciously layered sounds without having to break his stride and switch guitars mid-song. You can make your own amazing arrangement by following his lead or the example of other great double neck guitarists like Steve Vai. Reliable sellers on eBay offer models from well-known manufacturers, and many come with protective cases so you can take your guitar on the go and not gasp in fear while trying to keep it safe on the journey. Also, look for a double neck acoustic guitar to get the many advantages of having both a six-stringed and twelve-stringed instrument in one. Whether you go with a guitar decorated with an intricate Celtic tribal design, or pick an instrument with a vibrant sunburst finish, it is easy to find instruments that look as beautiful as they sound. Choose a double neck acoustic electric guitar with a built-in pickup to feel prepared for intimate sing-alongs around campfires or open-mic nights in crowded cafés. No matter what kind of music you play or how long you have been a musician, a double neck guitar can give you fabulous flexibility.

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