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About Double Eagles

With its eye-catching design and beautiful surface luster, the Double Eagle gold coin is an attractive addition to any collection. The coins earn their name from the fact that they have a face value of 20 dollars, which was twice the value of the highest denomination gold coin in 1849, the first year of their mint. There are several varieties of Double Eagle coins on the market, and you can pick out the best ones for your collection from the reliable sellers on eBay. Look for coins with the Liberty Head design from 1849 to 1907, or select coins with the Saint Gaudens design from 1907 to 1933. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle coins are the most popular items on the market for their beautiful design and detail, and ones in excellent condition are among the most prized pieces of US currency. You can pick out coins from any year in the history of the Double Eagle, including replicas of the banned 1933 gold Double Eagle. Check listings to learn about the state of preservation of the coins that interest you. Some appear worn due to their age, while others look as though they just rolled out of the mint. Comparing available products can help you make a solid investment in gold Double Eagle coins.

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