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About Dora The Explorer

You can put "Dora the Explorer" right up there with other classic children's television sensations like "Sesame Street" and "Barney." This plucky 7-year-old adventurer gets points for her friendly personality and problem-solving nature. Her show is about as interactive and educational as it gets. In each episode, young Dora and her sidekick Boots (a boot-clad monkey) embark on a fun-filled adventure with a specified scope and tangible goal. On each quest, Dora enlists the help of trusty tools, Backpack and Map, who provide what she needs and show her the path to follow. The journeys are formulaic, which is perfect for a preschooler's developing mind. Dora always gives a Spanish-English vocabulary lesson, and songs and games incorporate physical movement. At some point, Swiper the Fox tries to snatch one of Dora's essential possessions. Episodes always end with the victorious "We Did It" dance after Dora and Boots accomplish the goal. "Dora the Explorer" has transcended TV and snowballed into a veritable powerhouse franchise. There are Dora dolls and action figures your child can play with. A library of books chronicle Dora's explorations, including lift-the-flap books for toddlers and Ready-to-Read books for primary kids. There are enough Dora movies for hours of learning, and most can be found bundled in boxed DVD sets. Don't forget about the long list of Dora video games for every console and computer. The Dora TV show and related products are designed to help kids solve problems, make decisions and cultivate curiosity about the world around them.

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