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About Dora Backpacks

The theme song to "Dora the Explorer" plays endlessly in your head, but you cannot deny your toddler her favorite show. Embrace her enthusiasm and encourage her imaginative play with a Dora backpack. Your little one is sure to love carrying her own things around while she pretends to be her favorite character. Send her off to preschool in style with a Dora plush backpack designed in the very style as the backpack on the show, aptly named "Backpack." The purple plush features a large smiley face; and it may even come with a map so she can have adventures just as Dora and Boots do on the show. For more interactive play, a Dora talking backpack with traveling accessories gives your child the chance to act out the show on her own. The plastic design makes this backpack more toy than functional accessory, but it cleans easily and can withstand hours of play. Browse the vast inventory of Dora backpacks available on eBay to find just the style you need to keep your little one happy.

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