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About Door Seals

Nobody likes leakage as it's messy, annoying, and it is most definitely a sign that your appliance or door seal has gone (or is about to) and needs replacing. Bad times. The good news is that eBay sellers have masses of door seals available that can put a stop to those pesky leaks. Is stepping into your en-suite bathroom like walking into a quagmire, where you find your feet are wet before you've even got in the shower? Get a shower door seal. Have you started noticing some peculiar wet footprints roaming around your kitchen as if a ghost has walked in off the beach (even though you don't live near the beach!)—you probably need a new refrigerator door seal. Wherever you're experiencing regular damp patches; there's no need to suffer in water-saturated silence. Say goodbye to soggy socks and wet puddles, and grab yourself a new door seal for that naughty leak.