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About Door Hangers

Open and closed, you have your clothes well-organized on the back of your door. That is the beauty and magic of a door hanger. The over the door hanger comes to mind first and has come a long way since the first inception of this concept. The door hanger of old would stick the door open. Now they are more streamlined, and smarter in many ways. Some seek the single hanger for a robe hanger for the bathroom. Others look for a whole row of over door hooks, lined up for hanging ties, the clothes for the week, or their whole family's bath towels. A door knob hanger, on the other hand, gives rooms attitude, pizzazz, and personality without saying much. It is a space to get creative, witty, or a little bit of both. Announce that the baby is sleeping, or that princess lives here. The reliable sellers on eBay provide many products with convenient shipping options.