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About Door Chime

Don't miss out on your favorite neighbor child selling Girl Scout cookies—install a door chime so you always know when you have visitors. Look forward to the delightful sounds of music that let you welcome guests into your home. Different chimes create unique sounds, so pick one that fits your personality and the ambience you desire. If you live in an older house, you may enjoy the nostalgic sounds of an antique door chime. If safety is a concern, combine your chime with an alarm to alert you whenever someone steps onto the premises. You can't sleep through that one, and you'll feel better knowing you’re aware anytime you have company, invited or not. Not the most tech-savvy? A wireless door chime takes just minutes to set up and is ideal for easy installation. Before your next guests arrive, browse new and used chimes from reputable sellers on eBay in various designs. Discover what’s waiting for you with each clear "ding dong!", whether it’s cookies, flowers, or an unexpected old friend.