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About Doolittle

Artwork by Bev Doolittle is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to display their love and admiration for nature, animals, and the west. Her art, mostly watercolors, tells stories through the pictures. Known for her “Camouflage” technique, Doolittle’s art often has pictures within the picture so look very carefully when choosing. In “Calling the Buffalo,” decide if those are buffalo drinking out of the water or if it is just the shape of the land around the water. Focus hard as you look at “The Forest Has Eyes.” Are those faces in the rocks? “Pintos,” one of her most popular and famous paintings, features one of her favorite subjects, horses. The details are meticulous. See the outlines of the muscles of the horse’s body. Feel the wind blow within the details of how the horse’s tail and mane is drawn. A signed Doolittle is a large investment. But, proceeds from all her sales go to environmental charities. Reliable sellers on eBay can allow anyone to purchase a great piece by Doolittle and bring nature into your own home.