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About Don Mattingly

The well-known former New York Yankee, Don Mattingly, is the last player ever to wear the number 23 for the team he played on for nearly 25 years. While most of you won’t ever get a chance to try out for the Yankees, you do have the opportunity to wear his preserved number on your own back. Reliable sellers on eBay offer brand-new men’s black and white pinstripe polyester jerseys, with the Yankees logo displayed on the top left-hand side. The back of each jersey features—you guessed it—the number 23. Since Mattingly now manages the Dodgers, Los Angeles fans can buy a white button-up Dodgers jersey with his name and the number eight. Aside from a Mattingly jersey, there are many other new and pre-loved products available featuring the four-year captain of the Yankees, including bats he used on game day, autographed cards, and Rawlings-brand baseballs, on some of which he’s scrawled his autograph. Don Mattingly may have stuck to one team and one number during his career as a first baseman, but when it comes to Mattingly memorabilia, his name and face have been a frequent addition to a multitude of popular baseball products. The possibilities are endless when it comes to paying tribute to Mattingly.

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