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About Dollfie

Lovely, lifelike, chic, and ethereal—these are just some of the terms that describe a Dollfie doll. Combining the features of a fashion doll and an action figure, these dolls have poseable joints and a soft vinyl construction. Their faces reflect the Japanese design roots of the company with oversized eyes and kewie doll features that look like they came straight out of anime. Collectors can purchase a Dollfie body separately, using different bodies with different Dollfie head options to create unique and personalized dolls. The company makes most of their dolls on the standard playscale of one-sixth, similar to Barbie's design, but they also offer the Super Dollfie, a larger model on a one-third scale. Their wardrobes are as diverse as the dolls themselves; you can find anything from a kimono to an haute couture style outfit. Take a look at the new and used listings available on eBay, and bring these lifelike and stunning collectibles into your Doll collection.

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