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About Doll Hats

Every woman needs a few hats in her wardrobe, even dolls who spend most of their time lolling around in polished curio cabinets. Since most dolls do not have a lot of cash to burn, it is up to you to furnish them with their own doll hats. Carefully choose doll hats to match the clothing and personalities of your little charges by perusing the large selection offered by the dependable vendors on eBay. American Girl dolls are notoriously fashion-conscious, so be sure to fill their closets with a hat for every occasion. Pick out American Girl doll hats in a variety of colors, styles and materials, like a purple crocheted "Julie" hat, an "Apryl" brown cowboy hat, or an adorable "Kirsten" straw hat adorned with cherries. Of course, a nice vintage doll hat is more appropriate for dolls with classic, Old World sensibilities. How about a genuine early-20th-century Bebe doll hat adorned with feathery plumes, a blue and white taffeta bonnet with matching purse, or a 1950s pale pink straw hat accented by a pink ribbon and rose? Start clicking now for doll hats to please Barbie, Ginny, and every American Girl.

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