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About Doilies

For as long as you can remember, you’ve had a fascination with the classic look and use of doilies. When you were small, your grandma taught you the art of making crochet doilies, and while you don’t have the time to do it as much as you would like, you still find an opportunity to do it on occasion. Your aunt shares your love of doilies, and you both have recently spent a great deal of time together looking on eBay for crochet doily patterns. For example, just last week you found a great deal on a gorgeous vintage flower doily crochet pattern with detailed instructions. The easy-to-read patterns were written out in words instead of in symbols, making them easier to follow, and that same reliable seller also had several crochet doilies for sale as well. You both jumped at the chance to own some pieces that you could use to help you to hone skills at your craft, and as soon as your patterns arrived, you and your aunt immediately took out your needles and thread and began to crochet, enjoying a quiet afternoon together.