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About Dog Wheelchairs

If your beloved canine companion is injured, sick, or otherwise in need of some mobility assistance, there is some solace in the breadth of the selection of dog wheelchairs available through sellers on eBay. Dog wheelchair carts and harnesses are invaluable to the quality of life of a pet with mobility issues, whether they are only a temporary solution for an injury or a long-term necessity for an animal in decline. Your dog's physical independence is key to its health and happiness. Dog wheelchairs come in sizes appropriate for all sizes of dogs, from tiny five-pound yappers up through jowly 180-pound mastiffs. The structure of the cart is typically a solid, lightweight aluminum or similar metal or hard plastic, with padded, adjustable straps and nylon or neoprene harnesses. The goal of dog wheelchairs is to provide maximum comfort and support with the least possible added weight. The wheels on smaller dog wheelchairs tend to be solid rubber or plastic, while larger chairs offer the option of air-filled all-terrain wheels. Whether your dog is permanently disabled, recovering from surgery, or winding down toward its twilight years, the right mobility aid keeps any pooch happily exercising, playing, and roaming at will.