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About Dog Purses

Your little dog knows you are leaving her behind when you reach out for your car keys. If only you had a dog handbag to bring her along. Fortunately for dog lovers, it has become more acceptable to have your pooch by your side when out in public. A small dog carrier purse can be your Chihuahua's home on the go and a stylish handbag in one. To choose the right size for a dog purse carrier, measure your dog's height from the floor to the top of its shoulders. You will also want to opt for a dog handbag with a sturdy bottom and plenty of ventilation. Aside from that, the outside appearance of your doggy mobile home can suit your preferences and style. A large selection of dog handbags are available on eBay in various colors, designs, and patterns with convenient shipping options. Do not let your dog feel lonely again; take her along for the ride.