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About Dog Leashes

Your new puppy is darling, everything that your family wanted in a pet and training is progressing as best as it can. Unfortunately, he seems to have developed a taste for chewing as most puppies do, and he has managed to chew your old dog's leash to shreds. Good thing you planned ahead and have a spare on hand. Unfortunately, that still leaves you one short and you search on eBay to stock up on more. Not wanting to relive the chewing episode you spring for a retractable dog leash. They come in many different lengths to give your dog as much leeway as you like. You see another dog collar and leash set you consider simply because it is irresistible and fits your new puppy's playful personality. You decide to wait on that one until your puppy has grown. Before long, your new dog leash arrives in the mail and you are leisurely strolling down the block with both dogs leading the way.